Terme della Versilia‘s water is the result of a long process that brought the mountain water into contact with the salt deposits of an ancient sea that covered the lowlands at the feets of the Apuan Alps. Our water is classified as Salsobromoiodic Thermal Water and it‘s bacteriologically pure. Each of its components have therapeutic properties wich benefit the body: sodium reduces liquid stagnation; iodine, with a concentration that‘s ten times higher than what found in seawater, stimulates the basal metabolic rate and reinforces the immunitary system; while bromine has a relaxing effect and relieves muscle tension. In 1997 the Italian Ministry of Health recognized therapeutic properties to our water for arthro-rheumatic diseases and for motor rehabilitation. Moreover, medical studies have shown that therapeutic thermal waters activate the immune response, increasing the production of immunoglobulins and enzymes, these favor nutritional exchanges by modifying the metabolism of the subcutaneous tissues. The degeneration of the tissues is thus countered, which is the basis of phenomena such as arthrosis, cellulite and aging. The anti-inflammatory, dermo-purifying and draining properties, effective in the care and well-being of the skin, have also proved effective in the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as dermatitis, back pain and rheumatism. Our water is a generous gift of Nature that helps keeping our youth and psychophysical health.

1 All Day Pool Pass

5 All Day Pool Pass

10 All Day Pool Pass

Included in the All Day Pass a Chaise Longue and a Towe


€25 cad.

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2 Hour Pool Pass

Monday to Friday

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Unavailable in July, August, National Holidays and the day before




The pool is available for events outside of the opening hours

Our Hotel also offers guests tennis courts that can be booked through the Playtomic website. The fields are maintained daily, to allow enthusiasts to be able to enjoy this sport even on vacation.


Monday to Friday

Saturday and Sunday


€15 2 hours

€18 2 hours