Tours from WishVersilia Hotel Villa Undulna **** Terme della Versilia, in collaboration with WishVersilia invites you to discover our beautiful region! Find the perfect tour through WishVersilia. They offer full trip itineraries, day tours, or tours to enrich your morning, afternoon, or evening. From cooking classes, food and wine tastings, shopping excursions, picnics, sailing, art or music tours, they have something for everyone. WishVersilia is also proud to provide Personal Shoppers, Wedding Planners and Personal Concierges. WishVersilia offers exceptional personalized services to those staying in Versilia for business or pleasure.

Sailing and Tasting Tour Stroll through the Viareggio markets to pick out your lunch for later, sail the Mediterranean sea were the poet Shelley sailed two centuries ago. Find out more about WishVersilia’s Sailing and Tasting Tour here.

Wine Tour One of the many WishVersilia tours centered on Wine this particular tour is unique in that it takes you behind the scenes at the Castellania families centuries old vineyard. To have one of the Castellanias guide you through their vineyard and history learn more here.

Sensation Tour Garfagnana Enjoy a day trip to Garfagnana, experience the ham and cheese factories, the Levander farm and villa, all accompanied by our Gourmet, Andrea. Find out more here.

The Puccini Tour Fan of Puccini? Check out WishVersilia’s Puccini Tour by clicking hereFind a full catalogue