Discover the Tuscan lands through Nordic Walking!

Nordic Walking is a rapidly evolving sport, very engaging and fun that is practiced in the open air! A gentle workout that develops endurance, strength and fitness.

Versiliana excursion / 90 minutes max 15 pax

Walk inside the park on flat ground with naturalistic hints, a detour on the beach is possible. The walk ends with about 10′ of stretching. €10 per person.

Excursion in the Ponente Pinewood / 90 minutes max 15 pax

Walk inside the Migliarino San Rossore park on flat ground with naturalistic hints. A walk that can be modulated in length always inside the pine forest or in the back of the dunes up to the sea, where it is possible to appreciate an uncontaminated environment such as Versila was many years ago. The walk ends with about 10′ of stretching. €10 per person

Excursion on the Via Panoramica/120 minutes max 15 pax

The excursion starts from the church of Montigiano from where you can admire the entire Pisan plain up to Livorno with glimpses of the Tuscan archipelago. The via Panoramica connects Mount Pitoro with Bargecchia for about 4 km in the hills of Versilia. It is an excursion of great impact and not very demanding. €20 per person

Excursion on Via Vandelli/180 minutes max 15 pax

An excursion with a fantastic landscape, rich in history and charm but demanding due to the difference in height covered, requires excellent training and advanced Nordic technique. €20 per person

Courses for beginners:

1. “Condensed” course consists of 3 lessons with stretching (about 90 min) € 60

2. Complete course 6 lessons of about 60 min. €100

For information and clarifications, contact Paolo Benato +39 3400546356.

For reservations contact Stefania Mueller +39 3400546356.