Monte Corchia, in the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps, is the largest cave system in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, growing to over 60 km of tunnels, with differences in height of 1200 meters and with five million of geological history.  Although the exploration of the cave, the third deepest in Italy, began in the nineteenth century, only in 2001 the majority of people was able to admire the majestic columns of stalactites and stalagmites, and also the underwater formations like “Le Perle di Grotta”. The Tourist Caves of Monte Corchia are located in Levigliani, in the Municipality of Stazzema (LU), in the hinterland of Versilia, just 20 minutes from Forte dei Marmi. Once you arrived at the village of Levigliani a shuttle bus will take you to the entrance of the Corchia. There is a main route for about two hours, medium difficulty, and two speleological reservations are also available, both for three hours:  “La Galleria della Neve” and “Il ramo del Fiume”. For more info please have a look to the website
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